Carlos Reyes
He Dreamed

of a land
where there were no shadows

though the sun shone
in a cloudless sky

His theory was
that in some war or other

they were all taken prisoner
and marched away

You see their remnants
in the black and white stripes

of prisoners' uniforms
in old movies

Yupik Shadows

There are days in Alaska
when there are no shadows

That is why often
in winter the Yupiks quietly

walk through their villages
lanterns held high

calling chamai chamai
The White man thinks

it is only
wind through the snow drifts

It is the Yupiks trying
to convince the shadows

to return

Do Shadows Grow Old?

Do shadows age?
A Greek poet says yes

When they are young
shadows are black as octopus ink

As they age
they grey become