Bio Notes
Jay Baruch lives and works just outside Providence, RI, where he practices emergency medicine and teaches medical ethics at Brown Medical School. "A Little Heart" will be appearing in his short story collection, Fourteen Stories, forthcoming from The Kent State University Press in 2007. His fiction has appeared in Other Voices, Another Toronto Quarterly, Inkwell, Segue, Fetishes, Ars Medica, and Issues Magazine.

Cortney Davis is a nurse practitioner in women's health, author of "Leopold's Maneuvers" from Univ. of Nebraska Press, winner of the 2003 Prairie Schooner Book Prize in Poetry. Her other poetry collections are Details of Flesh (Calyx Books) and The Body Flute (Adastra Press). Her memoir, I Knew a Woman: the Experience of the Female Body came out from Random House in 2001. Her poems have appeared in journals including Poetry, Witness, Poetry East, Massachusetts Review, CrazyHorse, Antigonish Review and online on Poetry Daily and the Writer's Almanac.

Michael Estabrook writes: "Well the 3 kids are gone, out on their own, but the wife is still here and the stupid dog and the computer and email so I will write on, to what end I am not sure, but write on I will; still trying to get into the best poetry journals possible, both online and otherwise, and hoping to publish a real book of poems, called A Superlative Woman, about my superlative wife, one of these days."

Raymond Federman had three new books published in 2005: My Body in Nine Parts (Starcherone Books, Buffalo) More Loose Shoes & Smelly Socks (Six Gallery Press, Los Angeles) Retour au Fumier (Editions Al Dante, Paris) which was selected among the 10 best novels of 2005. He also had a play adapted from his fiction performed in July at the Avignon Festival. 17 performances all sold out. Federman appeared on stage as the author for all the performances.

David Graham is the author of several books of poems, most recently Stutter Monk, and an essay anthology co-edited with Kate Sontag: After Confession: Poetry as Autobiography. His online Poetry Library collects a wide variety of resources on poetry. He is Professor of English at Ripon College in Ripon WI.

In 2005 Laura Jensen read for ten minutes with others at both Burning Word on Whidbey Island and Metro Parks lecture series at Point Defiance Pagoda. A poem appears at the Metro Parks Point Defiance Centennial website.  She does family history viewing sessions with extended family.  Her 1974 MFA is from University of Iowa.

Michael Johnson is a graduate from The University of the South where he recieved the Tennessee Williams prize in creative writing. He now lives in Oxford, Mississippi where he is a student in the MFA program at The University of Mississippi.

Janine Kelley: Avid cross country skier, hiker, and amateur astronomer, who sled down the hills of her childhood home in Indiana with a tribe of brothers and sisters, now navigates stars and the terrors of our world's political universe with writing and reading poetry in Flagstaff, AZ. She begins each day with a poem. With beauty. Long-time member of Amnesty International, her first novel, A Window Girl Of Amsterdam, a contemporary retelling of Dante's Inferno, has found a home with an agent. For Janine, the map of love will always pulse with poetry and for her beloved children, Vanessa and Brandon, now grown, who are making their way in the world through acting and directing.

Melanie McCuin lives in "The Valley of the Sun."

C. Marc Merrill was born in Buffalo New York.  He has a Master's degree in English Literature from Colorado State University and currently lives and writes in Sucre, Bolivia with his wife, Rebecca. 

Edward Kelsey Moore lives in Chicago where he works as a concert cellist. His work has been published in the River Oak Review and heard on Chicago Public Radio's Stories on Stage Series.

Patty Paine is the author of Elegy & Collapse (chapbook, Finishing Line Press, 2005.) Her poetry has appeared, or is forthcoming, in The Atlanta Review, The Journal, The Southern Poetry Review, Alligator Juniper, Whiskey Island Magazine, and The Ledge, among other journals. She is an assistant professor of English at Virginia Commonwealth University, School of the Arts, in Doha, Qatar.

Carlos Reyes's most recent book of poems is At the Edge of the Western Wave (2004), which with the name of "Oilean Agus Oilean Eile" was a three-time finalist for National Poetry Series. The book recounts his thirty plus years of living and roaming about the west of Ireland. A noted and sometimes controversial translator he has translated the complete poetic works of Jorge Carrera Andrade, Ecuador?s preeminent 20th Century poet. Recently married, he lives blissfully in Portland, Oregon with his new wife, book designer and editor Karen Checkoway.

Lynn Strongin, (b. NYC 1939) has a Russian Jewish background. She grew up in a home of divorce (psychologist father, artist mother) steeped in the arts of music and painting. Polio at age 12 left her pemanently in a wheelchair. This both is and is not intrinsic to her poems. Early work published in Berkeley when she worked for poet Denise Levertov. Subseuqnet publication in thirty anthologies, fifty-five journals, two PEN grants, one NEA Creative Writing grant. She will have nine books published by the middle of this year including two electronic chapbooks and has been featured in seven journals both in North American and abroad (Italy's Storie was the first). Her work has just been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her anthology The Sorrow Psalms: A Book of Twentieth Century Elegy will be published in spring by the University of Iowa Press.

Barbara A. Taylor has published prose and poetry in print in Australia and USA, on local and national radio, and on various literary e-journals including <> <>  <> and <> She is a regular reader and slammer at Live Poets' evenings. Barbara writes from her adopted home in the sub-tropical Rainbow Region of New South Wales, where inspiration, peace and freedom to create, comes from the serenity and beauty of this special area. Samples of her diverse poetry with audio are at <>