Lynn Strongin
One eye

              after cataract surgery, sees ultra-violet
one sees nicotine.

Nicotia, what to do but keep training
the globe, visions in thru it

where it was cob-webbed like an attick pane: Eliza has gone stone-
deaf, dumb, blind
but she never had a thing to see, say, hear or taste.
The best & the brightest, wind up vision in a skein
to unspool at dawn
Or shove it under where no light shines.

Folklore Observed Flying Over North America (Lumberjacks & Lullabies)

Fire-fox with frost in star-shaped ears,        triangular tulip mouth: ice-moon.
Paul Bunyan with cloud-puff-muscles            pine-forest beard-
bristle              darkening the Great Lakes.
Patchwork fields of wheat his plaid mackinaw: the longbone of Tennessee his jaw--
small as silver jacks & ball           roll under in forests.

Lullabies diminish
to pianissimo
below the plane an island's being born

rocking anger
rocking anger
in crude auburn manger to rest        is best: melting pot of metals, moon, sun:
where love made lamps that landed us in immigration:

I took it square on the chin:
Folklore tunes, I hear them,           I see the shadows, they bear in.