Tad Richards

Failures are pebbles, kicking
the blade of the trowel, the
spade, off on a tilt. If not
for them, all the way to China! If

you wanted to go. But no, you're
only digging for a garden, turning
the surface, tossing stones
till they ring the plot, blotchy

with good dirt, but it rains
three nights in, and for three days,
and the worms splash on the surface,
the stones lumpy in mud, then

cresting through, and when you get out
half clean, if gray is clean,
and anyone cared, but you can't
stay away from them. The next thing

you know, you're building a wall,
so much for the broccoli. You're going
for rocks, and they get bigger
as the dirt gets denser, they get

harder to pull out of the ground,
and worse, they're where you should
have started. If you'd planned this
right, they'd have been the foundation.