Lynn Strongin
Clickety Clack


Goes the railroad track
Zebra switchback
Taking one to hell & back

slatboards hold the rack:
Of luggage, longing, love.
Peachtrees sway above.

Clackety click, The doppler comes thru thick fog.
The kingfisher             akin to woodpecker beak, serge tailored blue zipped in fog.

Protection food supply, O
By urging fledglings to occupy other territory.

Rails carry iron, wood, oil,
Coffins, electricity, tools for surgery. Surge & die away.


The 1st first wheelchair
Leftover from the war:

Crack-back to hold the bone-rack
with wicker.
Last seen, tossed into the sea.

Forth back
goes converse between you & me.
Honored that I’d ask you, James, forgive me

That it                                 appeared untimely.
Toe-tapping pleasure demurred, deferred:
There was cell, lockup, ward code.

The corduroy road, white aisles but underground railway reflection.
The prisoner in the mine with his pick to signal life
Right now, the world’s greatest clock is stopped

Big Ben rises stone & steel unscrolled. Breath, hold.
Against nightsky, a tolled rosary:
hands unmoving, hour stopped, the folk beneath staring up breathlessly
                                So glides pain from the honey of a visit: So revolves