Zhuang Yisa
Breaking The Waves
When von Trier decided
the village idiot would marry
the outsider, God decided
and silently retreated
with the sea-ward wind
from land to oilrig –
He came home
sooner than anyone expected.
The accident was no one's fault
if you believed
chance meant nothing was watching over you.
A mystery: von Trier may or may not have
tested God's love
with a knife at His throat.
Another mystery: what was demanded?
or silence, and
how do you tell them apart in the end?
The lovers would be separated
for four weeks; the village idiot
existing as body with its soul
(the outsider)
apparently missing
because the void
demands what we allow ourselves to imagine
is no longer; and the soul relents
as the wind
sweeping back to sea –
The body does not forget
the cold. The body
turns to the sea: a few stars
persisting under the dark surface.
Father, why have you abandoned me?
Or is this your way of saying

you love
so you have to give up what you love to live?