Tad Richards
Deconstructing With Sookie

 Deconstruction is here to help but institutions are too heavy
             to dismantle before sunset.
                          - Anny Ballardini

Sookie loves to
institutitions but she’s
forgotten her tools
or so she says

and she’s trapped
in the elevator
between the tenth and
eleventh floors
says she needs

help but you help Sookie
at your own peril
anyway she
has her own
plan for deconstruction

she does it at night
cloudy climes and
starless skies
most of the time it’s me
she’s deconstructing

Sookie says you
have to tear
down the barricades
starting with mine but
hers never give

 Negotiating With Sookie

Sookie’s eyes are slits,
The table a crescent,
Or maybe a serpent.

Her shirt scoop-necked, but
I won’t let shapes distract me.
Sookie thinks she’s backed me

Into a corner. She’s called
For binding arbitration.
She demands reparation,

But there’s no third party.
She waves off the objection,
Says she’ll take that role on,

She’s got three rings, the largest
a carnelian cat’s-eye,
fierce in its intensity.

Sookie begins to prowl.
She stops at the thermostat
Conveniently set at

Eighty five degrees.
She begins disrobing.
Her questions get more probing.

What did I mean? Did I really
Think…? Was I getting wise?
What Sookie doesn’t realize

Is that she doesn’t stand a chance.
I know what she doesn’t:
I’ll give her anything she wants.