Linda Sue Grimes
Good Poetry/Bad Poetry or My Poem/Your Poem

for Tom

My poem is rich in emotion
Your poem is sentimental

My poem is free verse
Your poem lacks structure

My poem is iambic pentameter
Your poem is dog trot

My poem's style is reminiscent of Yeats
Your poem sounds too much like Dickinson

My poem is experimental
Your poem is a mass of confusion

My book of poems was self-published
Your book of poems was printed by a vanity press.
My Son, My Dissident

for Rodney

He sports thread-patched jeans and tattered T-shirts
that several years ago he tie-dyed red/black.
All his clothes have agitated and tumbled
to that red/black fade.

His feet mock the organization
sporting one red Chuck
and one black Chuck
that hold together with safety pins and tape.

For ten semesters he faithfully attended
classes at Ball State University
and finished off his last semester
without a degree.

The records office tracked his diminishing GPA.
He sports a funky education and red dreads.